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Refer to IEC 60051, ANSI C39.1, and JIS C1102


1.0% of full scale value for model NR-96W, K-11, K-8
1.5% of full scale value for model NR-96, NR-72, K-11, K-8 and SC-86
2.5% of full scale value for other models.
0.5% of center scale value for Frequency Meter.
5% for Power Factor Meter.

Sweep Angle

250 degree for model NR-96W, K-11 and K-8, KH-250
90 degree for other model.


Type: Lance or Knife-edge
Color: Black or red.


White plate, Black line and Black letters.


At least 120% continuous.

Operating Temperature

0C to 40C ( 32F to 104F )

Approximate Internal Resistance

Voltage drop            or              VA loss

90 DEGREE DC Ammeter: 508A(2.3K ohm), 200~A(800 ohm), 1mA(50 ohm),  Above 10mA(50mV)
DC Voltmeter: 1K ohm/V ( 1mA current loss)
AC Ammeter ( Moving iron type) : 0.5~0.8VA
AC Voltmeter ( Moving iron type) : 2.5~4.5VA
AC Ammeter ( Rectifier type ) : Less than 0.1VA
AC Voltmeter ( Rectifier type ) : 500 ohm/V ( 2mA loss)

Test  Voltage

2000V, 60Hz, 1 minute


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